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The story of PikoPolo


In 2020, during covid year, I had gotten up to 461 pounds.  I wasn’t being active and I knew I needed a change in my life.  My cousin Kit Magalei introduced me to the sport of pickleball.  I didn’t grow up playing racquet sports, so this was totally a new thing for me.  I have since grown to love the sport of pickleball.  In 2021, I took a samoan language class and came up with the word “PIKOPOLO” which translates to Pickleball in the Samoan language.  My hope is to encourage people to invest in their health by staying active and to cultivate healthy relationships with others.

Niel Otineru 

PikoPolo started with a conversation between me and my cousin, Niel.  We were both dealing with health issues due to being overweight and we needed to do something to help us. I started my weight loss journey with pickleball in 2019 when my wife Lette was fighting her battle with breast cancer. She found pickleball as a fun way to exercise and in turn, pickleball has helped restore her bone loss caused by her medications. It became a saving grace for both of us. When Niel called in 2020 about helping him with his weight loss journey, I knew exactly the remedy he needed. PikoPolo has changed our outlook in life both mentally and physically. We’ve built strong and lasting friendships through our brand. We hope that through PikoPolo you can start your own journey of lifetime friendships and healthy living. 

Kit Magalei

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